1. Mai – Berlin 2012

1st may in berlin.

Into The Eighties

From 1979 into the eighties.
One week ago a package from Sing Sing Records arrived and amongst
others the great Pumphouse Gang´s record was in there. Read their
history here and buy the record there. The record company promoted
their single “Stay With Me” as ´the first record of the 80´s´. After I
read that, I remembered a Single released December 1979. It´s the
Stilettos “This Is The Way” and it was released on the 23rd of december.
At least i thought it was, cause my copy has a stamp with that release
date on it. According to “45 Revolutions” The Stilettos came from
Kilbride, Scotland and the single was released in november ´79.
The shotgunsolution-blog states they´re from around Middlesbrough
in north-east england. I thought it would be nice to post the last record
of ´79 and the first of 1980 together. Even though I cannot proof it really
was the last single of ´79. But as long as I can´t find any other
information, I claim this one the last single of 1979. So, if anyone knows
better, please let me know.

The Stilettos – This Is The Way (1979)

Pumphouse Gang – Stay With Me (1980)
Stay With Me

The Agents – Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy 1982


The Rousers- Rock‘N Roll Or Run


Killermeters – ‚SX 225′ 1980

One of my Revival Favs !! Dance Track vom Feinsten…

Moondogs- Baby Snatcher 1981

Great B-Side of Moondogs‘ famous ‚Imposter‘

The Reruns – So So Alone 1978

A- Since You Gtta Cheat
B- So So Alone

The Drive – Jerkin‘ 1977

The Drive- one of the first Scottish punk bands in 1977. Driving Tune! A Gem!


Clive Culbertson- Time To Kill 1979



NEXT NIGHT OUT: ‚NERVOUS BREAKOUT‘ AT WOWSVILLE Sat 07.04. (Berlin-Kreuzberg, Ohlauer Str. 33)

Herman Brood

Back to Holland. Even before the punkrock explosion Holland had some
great stuff to offer. Herman Brood was the Netherlands no.1
rock´n´roller. This guy definitely lived sex, drugs and rock ´n´ roll.
Born in 1946, he founded the beat band The Moans in 1964. He played
piano for Cuby & the Blizzards in 1967 but got kicked out after the
record company discovered his drug use. After some time in jail and
abroad he started his own group, Herman Brood & his Wild Romance
in 1976. Brood’s outspoken statements in the press about sex and drug
use brought him into the dutch public arena even more than his music.
He was romantically involved with german singer Nina Hagen, with
whom he appeared in the 1979 film Cha-Cha. In ´79 he tried to make it
in America and toured as support for The Kinks and The Cars but the
big break didn´t happen. He became well known for his pop-art style
paintings in Amsterdam art circles after his music career went down.

In 2000 he was still singing “Speed keeps me young”. During that time
he already had quit the hard stuff and reduced his drug use to alcohol
and 2 grams of speed per day. On the 7th of July he still had an
appointment at Madame Tussaud´s, where, by his request, his wax
figure was put up beside the one of Elvis Presley, later that year.

On the 11 July of 2001, after facing serious medical problems because
of his prolonged drug use, he committed suicide by jumping from the
roof of the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel at the age of 54. It´s said that in his
suicide note he wrote that a life without drugs is not worth living
anymore: „I‘ve had enough; maybe I‘ll be seeing you around. Make
it a great party“. According to his old manager Koos van Dijk, Brood
even asked him, if he should jump from the Okura Hotel or from the
Hilton some months before. As he told him to take the Hilton, cause it
was closer to his home, Brood burst out laughing.

Somehow I always relate him to the angry young men of british
new wave Elvis Costello, Graham Parker and Joe Jackson.
Maybe it´s the piano… Definitely not to be pigeonholed,
in his best moments great soulful powerpop-rock´n´roll!

So, to give you a picture, here´s two songs from record no.2 and no.6:

Rock´n´Roll Junkie – “Shpritsz” (1978) [the title is a play on the german word for syringe]

Little Girls – “Modern Times Revive” (1981)

Artless – Mein Bruder is ´en Popper (1981)

From now on, this is gonna be in english.
It´s just not a good idea to write a blog that can only be read by german
speaking people. Things done by germans only, mostly haven´t been
among the greatest improvements of mankind. To compensate all the
losers, who don´t speak english, I post a german classic. Artless´ singer
Hank Sinatra tells us about his brother, who´s a popper and
an incredibly stupid pig.

Mein Bruder is ´en Popper


border test

this is not kid border

Princes Of Peace – X-Ray Proved 7″ (1980)

Holland – bekannt geworden durch wegweisende Erfindungen wie der
Windmühle, Tulpen und der Farbe Orange – hat in der Vergangenheit
nicht nur mit den Exportschlagern Rudi Carrell, Harry Wijnvoord,
Linda de Mol oder Mareike Armado auf sich aufmerksam gemacht,
sondern insbesondere Ende der 70´er auch haufenweise
hervorragenden Powerpop und Punkrock hervorgebracht.

Unter anderem eine Band namens Princes of Peace.
Zugegeben, ein ziemlich bescheuerter Name – die Prinzessin des
Friedens. Anscheinend hat die Band sich nach Juliana, der damaligen
Königin der Niederlande, benannt, die auf der Platte abgebildet ist und
für ihren Humanismus und Pazifismus bekannt war. Keine Ahnung, wie
man auf die Idee kommt, sich nach der Königin seines Landes zu
benennen, aber die (einzige) Single, die diese Jungs 1980 selbst
rausgebracht haben, hat zwei so großartig tanzbare Powerpop-Hymnen
zu bieten, dass man ihnen den monarchischen Namensausfall gerne verzeiht.

X-Ray Proved

update 10.03 : Hier die zweite Seite. Finde ich sogar fast noch besser…

Nothing You Got

The Stripes – Tell Me Your Name 7″ (1980)

Nenas erste Band. Haben 1980 eine Platte aufgenommen, die sich durchaus hören lassen kann.
Netter New Wave mit tatsächlich vier Singleauskopplungen. Das hier ist die dritte.

Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels – Break Out 7″ (1966)

Motor City´s burning! Dieses seltsame Detroit bringt irgendwie seit über
65 Jahren musikalische Knaller am Fließband hervor.
Autos und Musik. John Lee Hooker hat sogar bei Ford gearbeitet.
Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder,
Diana Ross & The Supremes, Jackie Wilson, Gino Washington, Bill Haley,
Bob Seger, Mitch Ryder, Suzi Quatro, MC5, The Stooges, Patti Smith,
Alice Cooper, The Dirtbombs…

A city to break out.
Der gute Mitch ist letzten Sonntag übrigens 67 Jahre alt geworden und spielt am 07.03 in Berlin im Frannz Club.
Allerdings glaube ich eher nicht, dass der noch was bringt, seit einigen Jahren tourt der in Deutschland mit der Ostrock-Band Engerling…

nervöser ausbruch

so! nervous breakout ist on line.
hier gibts in zukunft nicht nur großartige singles zum nachhören frei haus,
sondern unsere wegweisenden meinungen und gedanken gratis dazu.
die party wird hiermit digital begleitet und sobald wir einen anständigen
scanner geklaut haben, können ausgewählte schätze hier begutachtet und ausgetauscht werden.

wer sich traut, darf wünsche für die jeweils nächste veranstaltung
abgeben, die, wenn sie unseren willkürlichen ansprüchen genügen, möglicherweise sogar berücksichtigt werden…